Cena Has Some Fun w/ Rowdy RAW Fans, Slammiversary, RAW , 'Carly' Signs WWE Deal?

The presale for the TNA Slammiversary show, which takes place on June 21st is currently ongoing, with the presale code being "SEVEN". The show takes place at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit.

Raw is going to be in Green Bay on June 22nd, with tickets going on sale May 9th at 10AM CST. A special pre-sale is available May 6th at 10AM CST to May 8th midnight CST. The pre-sale promo code is "GBRTV".

James sent this in: I just wanted to add one thing to the Raw off air report, and it is why I am now a HUGE John Cena fan. Sitting near us was a group of three guys that like to show how "smart" they are, and then especially in the dark match were giving it to Cena, being loud and vulgar, constantly standing and flipping him off. There were a lot of kids around and some parents in front of me even said they kind of hoped Cena would come over and punch them out. After the match, Cena did come over (they were second row) so they started yelling and flipping him off more. So, Cena got a cameraman to come over and take his picture smiling and posing with them in the background. Everyone was laughing (except those guys, who were even more pissed off, which was great). Cena sure is a class act all the way.

WWE has apparently signed a new blonde female by the name of Carly as she worked a tag match at a Florida Championship Wrestling live event this past Saturday. She was mistaken for Lacey Von Erich, hence the online rumors saying the third generation wrestler had re-signed with WWE which Von Erich herself later denied. Carly, teaming with Angela Fong, came out on the losing end in their tag match with Jenny Cash and Beverly Mullins.

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