As noted earlier, WWE’s upcoming DVD set for World Championship Wrestling will be titled, “The Rise and Fall of WCW.” It will be a 3-disc set and will be available on August 25th. As reported last week, several big names from WCW’s heyday have turned down invitations to be part of the project, including Eric Bischoff and Ted Turner.

Adam Otero sent this in: Just checked out Matt Hardy’s latest blog on his official MySpace. It is definitely an interesting read and everybody who is a fan of his should check it out as he mentions why breaking up with Amy Dumas (Lita) was actually a good thing, his opinion of the internet wrestling community, as well as having some cryptic messages within the blog. He also comments on his recent hand injury… “I legitimately broke my hand in 3 places during the Backlash PPV. I actually injured my hand worse by wrestling against Kofi Kingston on Raw Monday.”

WWE has signed independent wrestler Fred Sampson, who wrestles in New Jersey based ECWA as “Frederick of Hollywood”, to a developmental deal. Sampson has done some enhancement work for WWE in the past, including posing as a police officer for several on-air segments.