Matt Hardy Goes Nuts On Internet Wrestling Websites

Matt Hardy has posted a blog on his MySpace account ( largely taking aim at various Internet wrestling websites over rumors regarding him, not to mention commentary.

Hardy wrote: "I am so entertained how people who "think" they're in the know but have no clue about what's really happening.. How they're not even warm. But they still report it nonstop-in an attempt to boost the sales of their premium site to make a few bucks. Can't blame anyone for trying to make a living for themselves, though. Although I'll go on record and say the majority of them make claims and print their opinions (usually in a lame attempt to sound cool and important to their readers) that are so far from what's actually occurring, it's laughable. I've grown to enjoy it though.. It's what happens when you become a TV and pop culture star.

"Matthew Moore Hardy is a Martyr. Alot of wrestlers fall into this category. I personally always do my damnedest to "suck it up and go" because I hate letting my personal fans, and the faithful wrestling fans down. I legitimately broke my hand in 3 places during the Backlash PPV. I actually injured my hand worse by wrestling against Kofi Kingston on Raw Monday. I wonder if the preposterous .com site was critical of my performance, LOL. They were probably too busy making witty zingers and presenting ludicrous solutions to turn the wrestling industry around to entertain themselves. There's not many men who could put their body through what I've put mine thru in the last month. Certainly none of the "keyboarders" who criticize me and our industry regularly. Besides the known injuries I've suffered recently, one day I'll fill everyone in on a secret something that will absolutely blow everyone's mind. You'll either think I'm the toughest, most courageous dude ever, or an extremely driven, passionate idiot."

However, he is not critical of all websites concerning the business as he feels a certain columnist understands wrestling particularly well and enjoys reading him.

Hardy wrote: "Please don't take my being critical of a portion of the Sports Entertainment World Wide Web contributers as a blanket statement-that's not the case. I have love for so many of my fans and friends that are intelligent and respectful of the pro wrestling business. The column I will occasionally read when I check out reviews (because the gentleman who writes it "gets it", and speaks about the talent and business with respect and dignity) is the "Looking at a "so and so" edition of whatever TV show he's reviewing." That column is the most accurate and most consistent of any of the "major" sites. It blows most of the other "attempted" reviews away. I have no knowledge of the gentleman's background who writes this column-but I appreciate the fact he has a good grasp on what the WWE does, what pro wrestling is REALLY about, and is respectful of what we do as humans and athletes."

As he concludes his blog, Hardy says his critics could never match his life experiences, notoriety, success, manhood, financial status and quality of life within two lifetimes.

Hardy wrote: "I've had more fun as a man in the last 4 years than 99% of most guys would have in two lifetimes-and I'm being modest, HA! So to all you anti-Matt Hardy "keyboarders", punch that in your keyboard and make some witty zingers and cracks about me. And then look in the mirrors and realize that regardless of my flaws, that within even two lifetimes, you could never match my life experiences, my notoriety, my success, my manhood, my financial status, or my quality of life. There's that heel coming out in me.."

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