Reader Qanas in Kuwait sent us word that a soccer player wore a Rey Mysterio mask during a celebration after scoring a goal during a game between Palermo vs. Lazio in Italy.

When WWE starts putting together a DVD for a specific talent, the talent reportedly has a hand in picking out their favorite matches to be featured on the release reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. One general rule is that they prefer to feature matches that haven't been released on other DVD titles, but some times that is unavoidable when looking back at a career. This also creates what many have described as a funny situation every time a new DVD project is in the works as generally people start getting friendly with the talent in question in hopes they pick a match with that person since every wrestler whose match appears on a DVD gets a royalty check from that DVD release.

In a recent WWE weekly internal memo regarding television ratings, the company noted that Superstars had more viewers last week than UFC Unleashed on Spike TV going head-to-head reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. There are really two ways to look at this. The first is that bragging that a show like Superstars featuring new tapings with current stars going up against an episode of UFC Unleashed that generally features much older fights from years ago isn't much of a comparison. The second way to look at this though is that Spike as a network usually does more than triple the viewership of WGN America in prime time as Spike is available in 98 million homes and WGN America is only available in 71 million homes.