Spoilers For Shane Douglas' Major TNA Storyline

Credit: PWInsider.com

TNA has plans for Shane Douglas' storyline to be strongly based off his past -- both on and off camera. Douglas had a lot of personal problems which stemmed his body breaking down as he got older. His marriage split up and he started teaching at a school, however he recently relocated back to Pittsburgh and has started working smaller indy shows which he hadn't really done before. Douglas had a well-publicized painkiller addiction, but all sources who know him claim he is clean as a whistle right now.

Douglas has been quietly trying to rebuild his life to where he wants it to be, and is realizing that this is his chance to really have one last run at glory in pro wrestling and end his career on his own terms. He doesn't want to be the type of performer that he used to intensely criticize in his ECW promos. Douglas used to go on and on about old wrestlers not being what they used to be and hanging onto their past. He specifically used to talk about Ric Flair, and now that Douglas is in the same position Flair was in 1995 and the tables have been turned, a major TNA storyline will be coming from it and mirroring his real-life situation.

On iMPACT last night, Douglas attacked Christopher Daniels after the main event with AJ Styles because he was disgruntled about not being given a second chance after being fired, like Daniels was.

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