Taz Says He Was An A-Hole, The Necro Butcher/MTV, RVD

The Necro Butcher has been nominated for the "WTF Moment" for this year's MTV Movie Awards. Butcher's scene from The Wrestler, where he and Mickey Rourke use a staple gun in a "CZW Hardcore match" is what was nominated. The MTV Movie Awards will be taped during the last week of May, and air on May 31st.

The Universal HD channel is running replays of WWE Raw at 1PM ET and ECW at 3PM ET on Saturdays.

Taz has a new Q&A up on his Facebook page. Here are some highlights: Bryan Tann -In the old ECW who was the one guy that was just the biggest asshole? Who was somebody that NOBODY liked, and always wondered 'How the hell did this jerk get here?' I hate to admit this but I'm gonna shoot straight with you, I was probley the biggest A-Hole back in the original ECW days. I don't think most of the locker room "liked" me....and they shouldn't have. At times, I was a bit immature and difficult to deal with....it took me a long time to "make it" and I was always told I would NEVER make it in the industry and that motivated me but also developed a huge chip on my shoulder so I wasn't mature enough (sometimes) to handle the push and was very protecting of what I achieved. If I had to do it all over again, I would put a better effort in being humble! Life experiences and settling down has taught me to not take myself so serious.

Volume One of RVD TV gets a national release tomorrow.

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