Terri Runnels Upset, Wants To Set The Record Straight

As reported earlier, former WWE Diva Terri Runnels is being accused of fraud by a legal attorney, saying her Make The World "Write" contest from last year is a scam. The contest could only go into effect if it garnered a minimum number of entries (5,000 to be exact), which it did not. Hence, the entrants were supposed to be receive a refund of their entry fee ($180.00 after the processing fee), but the attorney is saying they have yet to have their money returned nearly a year later.

Georgiann Makropoulos of WrestlingFigs.com contacted Runnels regarding the situation, with the former WWE Diva issuing a response. Runnels assures that everyone was refunded and she has the records to prove it. She also adds that if anyone was not refunded, all they would have to do is contact her through her manager on her official website to rectify the situation.

Here is her response in its entirety:

"I just got off the phone with Terri Runnels and she was not very happy. She received an email w/ the link to this story. She said she would never do such a thing and would love to know who if anyone did not receive their refund. She has all records from PayPal which is where contestants sent their money and how they were refunded. As far as she knows everyone was refunded...and if they weren't she would have hoped that they would have contacted her through her manager on her website www.TheTerriRunnels.com.

"Terri said, "The sad thing is that I sincerely wanted to help other people with this contest. It hurts me that someone is trashing my name as opposed to contacting me, if they truly were not refunded. I can assure you that if someone accidentally fell through the cracks...all they would have had to do is send an email to my manager and say that. I would also love to know names of people and the attorney's name!"

Warmest Regards, Terri