TNA Mobile issued the following notice today to its subscribers: "Negotiations close to being finalized w/ 1 of of wrestlings most well known female competitors."

In an update, Jeremy Borash added the following note on his Twitter account ( "TNA has come to terms with a well known female wrestler. Should be a great addition to the Knockouts!"

He also confirmed the release of Shane Sewell, but said the door is open for a return.

TNA Wrestling announced on its Twitter page ( that Lethal Consequences and Eric Young will be taking on The Motor City Machine Guns and Sheik Abdul Bashir during tonight's Sacrifice pay-per-view. The six-man tag match will open tonight's pay-per-view broadcast following the 30-minute pre-show, which will be available for free on the TNA website. Fans will be able to see Kiyoshi go up against Amazing Red. has posted a preview of next week's episode of TNA Epics on Bravo. The episode will feature America's Most Wanted vs. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels from Slammiversary 2006, Team 3D vs. Rick Steiner and Road Warrior Animal from Slammiversary 2007, and Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles from Slammiversary 2008.