Angela Fong/WWE Update, Eve Torres Pics, CM Punk/Heyman

-- Developmental women's wrestler Angela Fong is once again on the road with WWE this weekend. She noted on her Twitter account yesterday ( that she was in Des Moines, Iowa, the site of last night's Raw brand house show. She also said she lost her luggage on her way to Iowa.

-- has posted a new photo set of Eve Torres.

-- has an article with quotes from former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia about his humiliating 10 second defeat to former boxing heavyweight champion Ray Mercer last weekend. "I stood up with a boxer, you know," he said. "When he's in my world, it was stupid of me." His comments make little sense because the fight was originally scheduled to be a boxing match, but was changed to MMA just two days before the match took place. For more comments from Sylvia and Ray Mercer about the fight, check out by clicking here.

-- Paul Heyman has written a new column for the UK Sun titled, "Punk in Play." Heyman offered his "most sincere compliments" to WWE on the way they've handled CM Punk's character in recent weeks. Heyman writes: "There are many reasons the proverbial glass ceiling in WWE is being shattered, at least for the moment, by the Straight Edge performer from Chicago, Illinois, but here's one thing that can be stated as an "absolute"... the CM Punk character is "in play", and WWE is offering its audience the opportunity to come along for the ride and have an emotional investment in a genuinely interesting character. "

He goes in-depth talking about how the WWE landscape is changing, with top stars such as The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Batista and (soon) Jeff Hardy taking extended time off and the need for younger talent to step up. Heyman has had an eye on Punk for years, pegging him as a breakout star back in 2005 when both of them were working at WWE developmental. It's a good read & you can check it out at

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