Brooke Hogan Talks Breast Implants, Her Thong, Hulk Hogan

Seth D. sent along the following:

Brooke Hogan was on "Chelsea Lately" on the E! channel. It aired from 11:00pm-11:30pm est tonight. Their going to be re airing it at 3am est on E! TV. Just a quick note re: Chelsea's show, cause it will make more sense after you read what Brooke had to say. Basically, Chelsea is a female verison of Howard Stern, really raunchy.

Just a few highlights, it was only about a 4 minute interview

--First question right off the bat was about Brooke's breasts. Brooke said she got a boob job about a year ago, moving her up to a cup size of C. She really didn't like the way it turned out. So, about a few months ago. She got a breast enlargement up to size D, cause they make "her breasts look more round and bouncy".

---Brooke didn't bring up Hulk Hogan at all, the only thing that was bought up about Hulk was when Chelsea said she'd love to see Hulk high. Brooke had a slight smile.

-Brooke then said she was wearing a black thong. Last time she was on the show Brooke said "I had no panties on".

--Brooke said shes still not talking to her mom, although she did write a a song about her on her new album. Brooke didn't really say if it's negative or what.

-Finally, it was known why she was on Chelsea's show, it was to push her new CD coming out at the end of July. Also, to push the start of her new season of "Brooke knows best" this Sunday on VH1 at 10pm.

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