Dos Caras Jr. Signs With WWE?, Mysterio/WWE Update

As noted earlier, Rey Mysterio did not give his notice to WWE last week. There was some issues regarding pay, although he wouldn't be the first wrestler in the company to have a discussion like that with WWE management. Although it isn't drastic, revenue is down and so is pay. Top guys in the company are still earning above $1 million annually however.

Josh sent this in: CMLL star, Dos Caras Jr., signs with the WWE! Super Luchas broke the news today that CMLL star and former Heavyweight Champion, Dos Caras Jr., has officially signed a deal with the WWE. He was rumored to be going to WWE last year but eventually re-signed a 4-year deal with CMLL, but seems to be breaking it now! According to Super Luchas Dos has signed a 3 year deal and will keep the rights to both his name and mask but the WWE gets the rights to license it while he is there. Also, he will not be heading to FCW but will be going to the main roster immediately. No word on when his start date could be.

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