Is WWE Covering Up Batista's Injury?

This past weekend, some people within World Wrestling Entertainment leaked a story to the internet saying Batista had suffered a biceps tear. The story was later changed to a torn tendon in his left biceps and that it was not a full fledged muscle tear. The webmaster of his official website,, soon acknowledged his injury, "confirming" it as a torn tendon.

The webmaster wrote: "We originally thought Dave had a torn muscle (he's been hurt for around 2-3 weeks), but this has now been confirmed as a torn tendon."

However, the official WWE website would say differently.

According to their report concerning Batista's injury, he suffered a completely torn left biceps requiring surgery that will keep him out of action for at least four months ? not a torn tendon.

A full fledged muscle tear is much more serious than a tendon tear, so something's clearly not adding up. If he did indeed suffer a torn tendon like his official website is saying, the amount of ring time he would miss would be considerably less. I'm told the injury is far less severe and is not a complete tear.

Among some of the wrestlers, there has been plenty of skepticism over the true severity of his injury. The injury supposedly occurred over three weeks ago, but he had been working television, pay-per-views, and live events without any sort of tape on his arm whatsoever, let alone showing any signs of an injury. If the biceps tear was serious, and people within WWE are claiming it was serious enough for him to get surgery two days after his championship victory, it would certainly have been taped up. If the injury was not serious enough to require tape, one would think there would be no need for surgery.

Even partially torn biceps injuries are taped up, but considering WWE is saying he suffered a full fledged muscle tear, it makes the severity of his injury all the more suspicious.

At Monday's Raw in Lafayette, the wrestlers were told his injury was legitimate and he was having surgery the next day. However, the talk among wrestlers in the locker room is that his injury angle on Raw was a cover-up to have him avoid being suspended due to a violation of the company's drug testing policy.

For what it's worth, Monday's show was re-written several times during the day and the creative team was given a list of wrestlers not to use for the foreseeable future prior to show time as a result of drug testing held earlier in the day and at shows over the weekend.

WWE covering up a drug test failure with an injury would certainly be a major change of philosophy on how they handle their drug testing policy, and while things appear fishy, right now there is no concrete evidence indicating that has happened.