Kurt Angle Says He Doesn't Want The TNA World Title

Kurt Angle spoke to the Edmonton Sun last night to promote TNA Slammiversary PPV, which we will be hosting live play-by-play results of this Sunday. Here are the interview highlights:

On who will win the TNA Title on Sunday: "There's been a lot of preparation, a lot of ideas thrown around. But it's been kept quiet. The bookers, the writers are not telling anyone who the winner is going to be. As wrestlers we usually know well ahead of time, a month ahead of time. Would I bet on Kurt Angle? Well, I haven't won (the title) in awhile. Do I need it? Not necessarily."

On passing the torch: "When I win, it's not necessarily to get myself over. It's usually to hand it over to the next guy. I believe the business will get stronger the more superstars we create. I've won a gold medal, I don't need to win a 13th (title) for my ego. I'm a team player. I've always been unselfish. I'm not afraid to lose. It's not about the championships, it's not about beating Ric Flair's record. If I can help develop 10 more stars, I can hang up my boots."

On TNA's high risk style: "We've got to be careful not to hurt five of the company's top athletes. But as men and wrestlers, we will end up doing some crazy stuff."

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