Midway/TNA, Bourne Excited To Be On RAW, Kidman Note, More

According to The Associated Press, due to unsuccessful attempts to sell the venue, the city of Pontiac may end up auctioning off the Pontiac Silverdome, which was the site of Wrestlemania III. Since the Lions have moved to Ford Field, the stadium has not been used regularly.

Yahoo Sports has an article up Bobby Lashley, discussing his slow road to stardom in MMA.

Billy Kidman has been added to the October Legends of the Arena convention in Monroe, New Jersey.

Warner Bros. has made an offer on Midway Games, so there will be no auction of assets. On July 1st there will be a hearing over the sale, where creditors that are owed money can voice concerns about the sale. The TNA Video Game License was not part of the sale. The second game is currently in development, so Midway may sell the game license to someone else, produce the game themselves or even release the game through a third party.

The next edition of the TNA Spin Cycle will feature Jeff Jarrett, Sting, Don West and others discussing the history of TNA.

Evan Bourne commented on moving from ECW to Raw: "Very excited about the multitude of opportunities that just landed on my plate!" Bourne will face U.S. Champion Kofi Kingston in a non-title match next week on Raw.

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