As noted earlier here on the site, Bobby Lashley defeated Bob Sapp in the main event of the Ultimate Chaos pay-per-view event, making Sapp tap out due to strikes at 3:17 of round one. Lashley, who improved his MMA record to 4-0, immediately dove at Sapp’s legs at the start of the round and took him down to the mat. Lashley went into Sapp’s half-guard and threw punches and elbows down on Sapp. Sapp tried to defend, but Lashley stayed on top of him.

Sapp actually tapped out once but the referee didn’t see. The second time Sapp tapped the ref saw it. Sapp had a knot under and above his left eye. Sapp claimed he was unable to see. Lashley said he was going to ground and pound him for a little while and then try and wear him down. Lashley also claimed his next match is to test his stand-up but this fight was to get a win. As noted earlier, he said he wants two more fights this year.

For those who ordered this show, that was ungodly bad as far as production was concerned. I’ve never seen an announce team and production that was this bad. This was actually a PPV event?