According to sources, Hustle recently asked around about someone coming in to replace former WWE star Lance Cade. Apparently things did not work out between Cade and Hustle for unknown reasons. Tyson Tomko, who has been out rehabbing an injury, was picked as a replacement for Cade. Tomko currently has a gimmick in Hustle where he wears a mask and has all tattoos covered up in order to protect the ‘Tomko’ name. The gimmick is a monster heel tag Team with Rene Dupree. Tomko goes under the name Arma and Rene is going under the name Gedon. It should be noted that both WWE and IGF were apparently contacted about Tomko appearing for Hustle.

According to the same source I talked to regarding a mini-draft tonight on RAW, superstars from ECW and RAW are expected to be moved tonight. This will involve mid-card talent. I’ve heard a few names but am going to hold off on reporting them until I can get further confirmation. The same thing could and will likely happen tomorrow at the SD! tapings as well.