— Tommy Dreamer’s contract with World Wrestling Entertainment expired yesterday. However, he recently signed a one-day extension to compete at tonight’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view ? and has vowed that if he doesn’t win the ECW Championship, he will not re-sign with the company.

SLAM! Wrestling has an interview with Tommy Dreamer discussing tonight possibly being his final night with World Wrestling Entertainment. In the interview, Dreamer clarifies his situation, saying it’s not some retirement angle, and that he won’t return as General Manager of ECW or show up on Raw or SmackDown.

“I guess if I was like my mentor Terry Funk, I would have retired a million times,” Dreamer joked. “But this isn’t an angle for me, this is the real deal. My contract legitimately was up, and I really signed a one-day extension and that’s it. If I lose, then I’m gone. I’ve read some rumours that said that I would come back as General Manager or that I would move to Raw or Smackdown. But like I said on (the company’s website) WWE Universe: No. If I lose, I’m gone. You will not see me on WWE programming again.”