Taz Says TNA Debut Is Soon, Talks Kennedy/WWE Firing

The following is an excerpt from the latest Facebook blog entry from former WWE star Taz:


1st off I apologize to anyone waiting on the Top 7 questions, I will answer them next week....right now I'm gonna do what the kids call Blogging....

I had the opportunity to do my 1st personal appearance in years this past Saturday for the great guys with Legends of the Ring Promotions! James & Dan from LOTR treated me like GOLD and I want to thank them for their professionalism and for running a well oiled machine on Saturday!

I had a great time meeting a bunch of you from the Pro Wrestling UNIVERSE...aka, fans! It was also very cool to see many old friends like Balls, Axl, Sabu, Justin Credible, Sarge, Pat Patterson, Nadia and even a Gold Medalist!

Separate note, someone sent me a link to Kennedy's website ( ken-kennedy.com ) with him in a video clip showing people that his wrist are fine...if you haven't seen it yet check it out...pretty funny!"

Taz closed the blog with:

"While at the Legends of the Ring Convention this past Saturday, many of the fans I met said "wow, I thought your were a mean and grouchy guy...and your not". Jeez, is my "rep" that bad?!?!?! LOL...most of the BS you read about me and most of the talent in the biz is just that....BS!! My Dad taught me as a kid to judge people YOURSELF, not by hearsay.

In closing, the prison sentence is almost done!! Cant wait!!


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