ECW Rating Is In, Savage Pics, All Charges Dropped Against Brian Blair

- Tuesday's edition of ECW on Sci-Fi scored a 1.2 cable rating.

- It looks like someone from WWE is checking out our forums, as someone had suggested on there for Ted Dibiase Sr. to be the new RAW GM a couple of weeks ago. He will be the guest GM of Raw next week. Click here to join our forums today on our forums and be eligible for a chance to win Macho Madness - The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection on DVD (contest details).

- Speaking of Savage, judging from recent photos of 'The Macho Man', we will probably never see him in the ring again. You can see recent pics of Savage in our 'Multimedia' forum by clicking here.

- The following is from

TAMPA, FL - Prosecutors have decided to drop charges against former wrestler and County Commissioner Brian Blair. According to a memo from Assistant State Attorney Rita Peters, Brian Blair's oldest son, Brett, had "gone crazy". The memo goes on to note that Brett Blair was more aggressive than his father in the confrontation and that Brian Blair's injuries appeared to be defensive in nature. Blair, 52, was arrested at his home on North Boulevard on Father's Day shortly after he allegedly got into a scuffle with his two teenage boys. Blair ran his political campaigns on a family values, law and order platform. Blair was charged with two counts of child abuse/domestic violence, both third-degree felonies. Blair was elected to the Hillsborough County commission in 2004, but lost a re-election bid in 2008 to Kevin Beckner.

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