— Jeff Hardy did an interview on TV in Spain where he said that he only had a few weeks left on his contract and had not signed a new deal.

— The Countdown to UFC 100 has begun airing on Spike TV. Here is a piece from journalist Dave Meltzer’s recap of the show: Frank Mir does an awesome job of building up Lesnar vs. Mir. So awesome that by the end he almost turned himself heel. There is a great scene when Lesnar decides the interview is over because he’s sick of watching himself tap and wants to kill Steve Mazzagatti, walks down the hall, punches the wall, and the next door falls off the hinges into the hallway.

— Former ECW star Mikey Whipwreck is looking for wrestlers to donate autographed 8x10s to a five-year-old girl in St. Louis named Kylie who is battling cancer and loves pro wrestling. Anyone interested can contact [email protected]