Brock Lesnar is a regular guest on KFAN’s morning show based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn. This morning he called in for a brief four minute interview to talk about Saturday’s fight.

“It was an emotional (victory), I’ll put it that way. That’s for sure,” he said.

A caller asked earlier if Frank Mir had said anything near the end of the fight to spark the intensity of the flurry of punches at the end. Lesnar responded: “Frank did a good job promoting the fight. It wasn’t anything that Frank had said, you know. I said it before, this fight wore on me. Seventeen months. I’m a sore loser. I shouldn’t be that way. I guess it was more the way I lost. I gave him the fight. Just how Frank carried himself after that, I think Frank you know took a cheap win against Nogueira. Nogueira was very sick going into that fight. Of course, when you’re on the top of the card, main event pay-per-view, you can’t just back out and say you’re sick. I knew that Frank had too many Christmas presents handed to him and I had enough of it.”

Regarding his post-win antics: “I went into some crazy mode where I was so happy. I guess I had a flashback of working for Vince McMahon, maybe. I don’t know. [laughs]”

On Dana White’s reaction: “He was thrilled as far as the fight was concerned. The only thing Dana was kind of a little upset about – when he came back to the locker room after the fight, anytime I mess with or mess with their sponsors, that was probably what he was little upset about.”

On spitting out his mouthpiece and head butting the cage: “I was a rabid dog, man. I unleashed a fury. Like I said, it was a very emotional win for me. 17 months, an eight week training camp. There was a lot of build up for this. Frank and I were supposed to fight in May. He backed out and said he had gotten hurt. I had heard some different things. This guy was biding his time. Frank’s a huge fan of the fight industry. He wanted to be part of the UFC 100. I felt like there was some things I wasn’t being informed on. I just wasn’t sure how everything was going. Finally, to get my hands on the SOB was just a blessing.”

In closing, he said: “I want to thank the Minnesota fans and apologize for the hand gestures at the end for the young kids. It was unsportsmanlike. But I’m sorry. I was in a moment. I am the champion and I should act a little better than that. I was having fun. But it was inappropriate.”