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The National Wrestling Alliance announced that the late Dennis Coralluzo would be inducted into the NWA Hall of Fame at the September 26th Coralluzo Memorial Tournament in Wayne, New Jersey.

Paul Orndorff will also be honored at the Hall of Fame event.

WWE is currently seeking enthusiastic, international WWE fans to become active, new WWE Street Team members. No US or Canada. If you are interested, go to for more details!

The ROH schedule, which has been very light this summer, will pick up in the fall.

Austin Aries and Kenny Omega have been added to the ROH Death Before Dishonor doubleshot in Toronto.

Bison Smith returns to the company at the next tapings.

In a slight correction, ROH will begin looking for venues in Phoenix for WM 26 weekend; they have not started the process yet.

Petey Williams and "Skullkrusher" Rasche Brown will work for the company again in September.