Mick Foley Speaks On Kurt Angle, Ric Flair & Daffney

Mick Foley recently updated his MySpace blog. Here are some highlights:

On Daffney: "Daffney's got it going on. That's what I think whenever I see her on TV, doing promos, in the ring, etc. Which is my way of saying that she's really hit her stride; everything seems to be coming together simultaneously. I've always thought that anything that's different is good, and man is this chick different. [] Plus, she's read one of my novels like 4 times, and that's a little scary. "

On a mistake he made at an iMPACT taping: "I am a big believer in doing promos that are not heavily scripted. Just a few bullet points and a little emotion, and I'm usually fine. Occasionally, however, these type of promos will yield a verbal faux pas that rolls off the tongue right before you can catch it - you know it's wrong the moment you say it, but by that time, it's too late. For example on an upcoming "Impact" episode, I state that it's been 18 years since I've said "I Quit", which is obviously not correct. I did in fact say those exact words three years ago in a match with Ric Flair. As a matter of fact, to make sure there was no confusion, I repeated the words five times. What I meant to say was that it had been 18 years since I'd tapped out, which is, to the best of my recollection, the truth."

Foley confirms his opponent for Victory Road: "I hope everyone enjoys the buildup to "Victory Road". I think there is some good stuff between me and Kurt to build up the match I've been dreading."

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