More On The Jeff Jarrett-TNA Situation - Was He Suspended?

As reported earlier, Jeff Jarrett was not at last night's pay-per-view event in Orlando with employees being informed that he is taking some personal time away. In an update on the situation, word from the locker room is that Jarrett has been removed from television indefinitely. It should be noted that Kurt Angle was grumbling about Jarrett to friends over the weekend, and openly said he had been pulled from television. Angle made it clear to people he's unhappy with Jarrett, with many feeling he's making a power play for creative control of the company. Jarrett celebrated his 42nd birthday last Tuesday with his allies telling people that he was simply on vacation when he wasn't in the office late last week. However, all indications point to Jarrett taking an indefinite leave of absence from the company. The timing of the situation is interesting because it occurred immediately after a caller who claimed to be an employee of TNA stated on Bubba The Love Sponge's satellite show last week that Karen Angle is living with Jarrett.

According to sources, it was actually Dixie Carter's decision for Jeff Jarrett to step away from his duties in TNA, not Jarrett's. "It was not Jeff's decision. It was Dixie's decision," the source said. "Very complicated issue. In fact, more complicated than anyone would believe."

It should be noted that there was a rumor going around among TNA personnel backstage at last night's show saying Jarrett was suspended.

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