Original Plans For Edge/Y2J, CM Punk Heel Turn?, New Diva

The word going around as to why WWE put the Unified Tag Team Titles on Edge and Chris Jericho was so Edge's in-ring involvement could be limited in tag matches. Edge had been working hurt before getting injured this past Friday night. There's still no word yet on what WWE plans on doing with the titles now that Edge is injured. Edge did an interview last week to promote the WWE tapings in California and had this to say about his match with Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules: "That one really took it out of me. Ten years ago if we did that match you know maybe in a few days we would have felt a lot better. We were 10 years younger though. Now, it took me almost a full week before I could walk upright. It took a while to recuperate from that one."


Reports going around say that Jemma Palmer has inked a WWE developmental deal. Palmer is better known as 'Inferno' on the recently canceled UK version of American Gladiators. She is expected to start with WWE this Summer some time.

While World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk hasn't made a full fledged heel turn yet, he played the role well at the SmackDown/ECW live event on Friday night in San Diego. Punk wrestled hometown star Rey Mysterio in the main event. Towards the end, Chris Jericho came out and interfered. Punk ended up getting the win off a distraction and when Jericho entered the ring post-match to beat Mysterio down, Punk helped him. Punk stopped and paused a second before helping Jericho work over Mysterio.


A recent edition of the MTV show "True Life" that is titled "I'm Stuck At Home" featured an aspiring pro wrestler who was attempting to make it a full-time career wrestling in Mexico and overseas in Japan, all the while struggling to make money and being forced to live at home. Some footage was briefly shown of the aspiring wrestler in Mexico City.