Strange TNA Incident On Radio Last Week, Daffney, More

As reported earlier, an anonymous person claiming to work for TNA called into Bubba the Love Sponge's radio show last Wednesday, alleging Karen and her children were presently living with Jeff Jarrett. The situation apparently carried over into Thursday as Matt Morgan was scheduled to make an in-studio appearance to plug the Victory Road pay-per-view. The radio show producer contacted both Morgan and a TNA representative (Ross Forman) after Morgan didn't arrive to the studio in time for his scheduled appearance. Morgan told the producer he was running ten minutes late and was going to be there. However, the TNA representative said Morgan had just gotten sick and was forced to cancel his scheduled appearance. Ultimately, Morgan did not come. Later, Bubba explained the whole situation on the air, blaming the cancellation on the Jarrett/Angle rumor on the show the day before. He was livid that after all he's done to promote TNA, that they would blow him off at the last minute. Bubba also said he likes everyone at TNA, but he's reconsidering working with them in the future because of what went down.

An in-character Daffney is the guest on the latest episode of TNA's Internet show, Hermie's Hotseat. During the interview, Daffney talks in-character about David Flair dumping her in WCW for Miss Hancock character. To view the video interview, go to

TNA will be taping four episodes of iMPACT! today through Wednesday in Orlando, which will lead into next month's Hard Justice pay-per-view on the 16th.

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