Melvin Prasad sent this in: I was just reading the Power 25 on and they said this about Legacy (Cody and Ted): "Unfortunately for the two younger members of The Legacy, both came up short in singles action on Raw and in tag team action at The Bash. As a result, the duo drops two spots down the list." They actually didn't wrestle this past Monday so they spoiled the results for the July 6 Raw on their website.

Solaimani sent the following: I was just reading the Power 25 on the official WWE website and saw the description of Carlito and Primo. The description wrote: Losing the Unified Tag Team Titles Sunday as well as their rematch Monday against Edge & Chris Jericho obviously frustrated Carlito a great deal, and he took out those frustrations on his brother on Raw. That is wrong since that is scheduled to happen this Monday, not last Monday.

The WWE Breaking Point PPV will feature matches that are all submission type matches. has released a new Legacy pendant.