Jim Ross has a new WWE.com column up at https://www.jrsbarbq.com/blog/jrs-4th-july-ramblings

WWE Classics 24/7 On Demand has now started editing any match with blood in it, as the match turns to black and white when blood appears.

Devin Cutting sent this in: The Bell Centre has posted the following statement on it’s website: **A night where every match is a submission match** **WWE Superstars will push each other beyond every threshold of pain** **Who has the power, the resiliency and the determination to survive WWE Breaking Point?** According to a survey that was sent out a few months back, the original plan was for just the top matches at WWE Breaking Point to be submission matches. WWE Breaking Point takes place on September 13th at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

Multichannel News has an interview up with WWE senior vice president of distribution and affiliate marketing Peter Clifford to discuss some changes the company hopes to take on to boost PPV buyrates in the “tough economic climate.” It is interesting to note that Clifford didn’t rule out WWE possibly dropping some PPV events from the yearly schedule and talked about changing names of some events to freshen them up. Clifford added, “We have a long history of looking at our PPV events and we have a pretty good idea of where they are going to land. We took into account the economy and cut back our expectations a bit, so we’re pretty much on budget, which is a good thing for us.”