Backstage Update On Jeff Hardy & WWE - Is He Leaving?

WWE creative was recently told to consider something for current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy in September and that he could possibly be booked past SummerSlam.

There are many conflicting stories making the rounds within WWE regarding Hardy's status with the company. One source said people close to Hardy stated he would be finishing up at the end of August and that he was "counting down the days" until he was done, while another source said creative was told to think of some ideas for Hardy in September.

Hardy was originally going to finish after SummerSlam so it appears they have may struck a new deal or convinced him to stay longer than planned. There have been rumblings that Hardy has talked with friends about doing an MTV reality show and that Hardy may not want any involvement from WWE in the project despite the company showing interest in helping out. It should also be noted that Hardy's name has remained in WWE advertising all the way into early October, although many of those ads are sent out well in advance so that might mean anything at this point.

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