Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As noted earlier, WWE parted ways with The Brian Kendrick last Thursday. It would appear that the decision was actually made two weeks ago because he was pulled from a previously from a scheduled program with Evan Bourne that week. He was then booked to lose to Jerry Lawler and Kofi Kingston in humiliating fashion.

To confirm ongoing Internet rumors dating back to last fall, Kendrick’s push went up in smoke, so to speak, as a result of his disobedience towards the company’s policy on marijuana. He had been warned several times by company officials that they weren’t going to tolerate his failing drug tests for marijuana (which constitute a $1,000 fine, but not a suspension) after failing numerous tests. He was one of at least two wrestlers whose pushes were stopped because of their disobedience, and it was likely a major contributing factor in his departure from the company.

Kendrick’s release from WWE was also said to be taken as a warning to higher profile wrestlers who have been failing tests for marijuana, as company officials have said many times to a slate of wrestlers individually that they are no longer going to tolerate it.

It should be noted that when Kendrick was informed by John Laurinaitis that he was being let go, he was told it was due to the economy. Those who heard it couldn’t believe he gave him such an obviously bogus reason. It’s also been said that Kendrick would have been released months ago, but Pat Patterson spoke up on his behalf.

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