Dr. Ken Update, Jerry Springer/RAW?, & More News

TMZ recently caught Jerry Springer in Stamford, CT, so he may be a RAW guest host in the future. I believe they now tape his show in CT so it may just be a coincidence.

Timothy Tse sent this one in: I won a screening of The Goods from my local radio station here in LA at the Paramount Studios and who else but Dr. Ken showed up before the movie began. He pretty much just pumped everyone up and even brought up his appearance on Raw, explaining that Jeremy and him are still banged up from the appearance. Unfortunately, when he asked if anyone saw it, only about 3 or 4 people in the audience cheered. Anyway, after the movie was over Dr. Ken stood near the exit and shook everybody's hand and thanked them for coming, which I thought was pretty classy. Since Summerslam is going to be in LA, I asked him if I'd be seeing him there, which he said unfortunately he'd be shooting a movie and probably wouldn't be able to make it. I asked if we'd be seeing him again in WWE and he put over his experience huge, saying he'd love to and he had so much fun and all the guys were really great. Finally, I asked if his head is ok after the rough landing on it and he just laughed about it and said he's fine and feeling great. Really nice guy, nothing like the characters he portrays, and I really got the impression that he had no regrets or held any grudges for the botched spot, which really surprised me. Oh yeah, the movie was really funny and I'd recommend it. They even included a small wrestling reference in it which I thought was pretty neat.

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