Jim Ross Blogs On Lesnar-WWE Offer, Knox, SD!, & More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry up, here are the highlights:

On The Rumored Brock Offer: Yes, the story that I blogged recently about the WWE NOT offering Brock Lesnar something like $40M for a seven year deal is accurate. Those numbers are not even close. Lesnar was likely offered a $1M guarantee with the opportunity to earn much more. There's a legit chance that Lesnar could have earned close to that much over a 7 year period as he made it north of the $1M mark faster than any one, I think, in WWE history. I think it would be cool to see WWE do a Lesnar DVD and pick up some of his comments from his WWE days and get comments from Lesnar's WWE peers about their thoughts on Brock then and Brock now. That's just a suggestion by the way so before the bus runs over me remember the key word here is "suggestion."

On Mike Knox: Mike "Fort" Knox has "something" but it will be up to Knox to unleash the beast within and become something special and not just another athletic, big man. I still think Knox would be well served to watch some "vintage" (Thanks, Cole) Bruiser Brody tapes to observe Brody's timing and pacing of his brawls/matches. Knox had a nice week of WWE TV considering that he had been dormant for too long.

In Smackdown's Young Stars: C.M. (I have no clue as to what the initials mean this week) Punk is really evolving. Nice, slow, long lasting character development. Punk, Jericho, Ziggler and Morrison are really raising their game which means they could be be appearing on other 'rasslin shows in the future. Punk has capitalized on his opportunities.

On Going to Calgary: I got word Friday morning that I WILL be in Calgary Monday night to tape a WWE Superstars bout which will likely be done after Monday night Raw due to the early start time. I think my two fondest memories of traveling to Calgary was flying there once to do a series of vignettes with Bret Hart prior to his Ironman Match with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania on a trip where Stu Hart had me in the dungeon "depriving blood from your brain." Plus, being in Calgary for the Calgary Stampede was really a great experience. Perhaps I can use an Ed Whalen line Monday night at some point ala "Malfunction at the Junction." After Raw, it's a lovely 3-4 hour car trip up to Edmonton which makes for a wonderful day. No worries, Grisham is a good driver. Oh yeah, if you don't know who Ed Whalen is then I suggest you Google the late, Calgary Stampede Wrestling announcer.

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