J.R Blog: A-Train & Val Venis Backstage At SD!, Hardy, Ziggler

Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at JrsBarBQ.com. Highlights are below.

On an upcoming Jeff Hardy DVD: "Many WWE Superstars and I did interviews Tuesday afternoon for an upcoming Jeff Hardy DVD that will be released in a few weeks. I don't know how many talents were involved but there were several. John Cena was included as he and I visited about this project Tuesday evening in Phoenix."

On the Rise and Fall of WCW DVD: "I've been reading lots of interesting feedback on the Rise and Fall of WCW DVD. I liked the DVD, as I have said, but these types of productions are controversial by nature and I've always been of the belief that everyone has a right to their opinion. Hopefully, folks will watch this DVD and then come to their own conclusions. The matches that are featured are hard to knock. I do think that all the feedback from consumers makes for good information going forward on other similar projects. "

On Val Venis and Matt Bloom: "Val Venis aka Shawn Morley and Matt "A Train" Bloom were backstage visitors in Phoenix. Both are really good guys and are seemingly enjoying working regularly in Japan. I remember interviewing big Matt when we first hired him in WWE. I always liked Matt and even got to know his Dad who played college football at Michigan and in the old, AFL with the then Boston Patriots. I always looked at getting to know a talent's family members, when possible, as a viable part of the recruiting process and on which to build a solid relationship."

On Dolph Ziggler: "Dolph Ziggler is another talent that has "it" and how far he takes "it" should be an interesting journey for all. Pat Patterson and Michael Hayes, two pretty fair performers in their day, are both optimistic that Ziggler will become special. I agree."

On Friday's Punk/Hardy cage match: "The C.M. Punk vs. Jeff Hardy Steel Cage match that airs this week on Friday Night Smackdown on MyNetworkTV is a memorable, TV main event that really had a special feel. I hope that Todd Grisham and I did the match justice as it was a special presentation from where I was sitting."

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