Hulk Hogan's ex-wife Linda was interviewed on ABC's Good Morning America this morning and shed some light on what led to the couple's divorce.

Hulk Cheating With Brooke's Friend: "There were infidelities. It scared me because I thought 'Oh my God, is that my fault? Is he moving on? Am I just a dumb housewife? Am I too fat, am I too dumb?' You just start doubting yourself and that was really sad."

Her 19-year-old Boyfriend Charlie Hill: "He's a great friend and a good soul and a great support system for me." She acknowledged that her relationship with Hill is "definitely weird," but isn't bothered when tabloids label her a "cougar."

Hulk Saying He Understands How OJ Could Murder His Wife: "I don't know if he could go there or not I don't think so but at the time I wasn't sure. I knew that he was probably jealous or envious or upset with the whole situation that he didn't have control of me. He didn't know what I was doing, who I was seeing and it bothered him."

Brooke Claiming She Uses Drugs: "It's just about the allegations and it's a whole publicity team that was on my husband's side that helped facilitate that." Although her relationship with Brooke is currently a wreck, she hopes "one day that will change."