Report: Vince McMahon On Edge

According to a new report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the combination of recent injuries in WWE (Batista, Edge, Matt Hardy, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels), Jeff Hardy being expected to leave the company soon and an overall lack of depth on the rosters has reportedly put Vince McMahon on edge lately.

Everyone in WWE seems to acknowledge the depth problem on the rosters and have questioned some decisions lately. One move in particular involves the moves of MVP and Jack Swagger to the Raw roster. Many in the company have questioned why they were moved to the flagship show only to be positioned in roles for "underneath" talent.

The general feeling in the company is that all the problems talked about years ago about top guys getting older, developmental not turning out enough talent who are ready and the lower quality of athletes being recruited is now a gigantic issue they are facing. McMahon is said to be more than aware of the problems and knows they are one or two more bad breaks from things getting even tougher. Reports are also stating that McMahon is not happy with the product right now despite business holding up well.

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