Shaq's Return To RAW, JBL Update, Steve Austin, & More

Regarding a possible match between Shaquille O'Neal and Big Show, John Bradshaw Layfield wrote the following in his latest column: "The two biggest guys I have ever seen are Shaq and Big Show, I say let these two guys fight! Shaq is a big MMA fan who trains, and Big Show is trained as a boxer as well as wrestler - this could be a lot of fun to watch. I see where Shaq hosted Raw and I think the natural match up is Shaq versus Show. I don't know who we could get to referee, but who cares?" As reported over the weekend, WWE plans on having O'Neal return to Raw at some point. Their poll last week about him taking on Show was done to set the match in motion.

WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will grace the cover of next month's issue of Muscle & Fitness.

SLAM! Wrestling posted a review of WWE's three-disc DVD set on tag teams, Allied Powers - The World's Greatest Tag Teams, which was not glowing. has a story on a recently laid-off auto worker dreaming of making it one day in WWE. The story notes that "Sergeant Long" trains at WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "the Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant's wrestling camp.

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