There were some Internet reports online saying Nick Dinsmore, the person behind the Eugene character, would be heading to Tampa to work as trainer in developmental despite his release from the company this past Friday. However, The Sun is reporting that Dinsmore was fully released from his WWE contract.

WWE will release the first-ever “WWE Kids Poster Book” special edition tomorrow, which features individual posters of practically every male star on the roster (including Kung Fu Naki, Curt Hawkins, DJ Gabriel, Jesse and Shad Gaspard) to form the biggest poster in WWE Magazine history.

It would appear that ECW General Manager Tiffany (Taryn Terrell) and WWE developmental wrestler Drew McIntyre are a couple. They have both recently updated their MySpace status’ (, to “In a Relationship” and have each other as their “Top Friend.” (Thanks to Dani Davies)