In an update on the Floyd Mayweather shooting investigation from last Monday, the LA Times reports that Las Vegas police seized two handguns, two bulletproof vests and ammunition from Mayweather’s home that day. On a related note, The Examiner at has an article up noting that Mayweather said after his recent appearance on RAW that he wants to get out of boxing and into pro wrestling. Mayweather said he looks forward to being in a WWE ring soon and will one day be a WWE Superstar.

Reader Mike Vendely sent word that WKYC in Cleveland did not preempt last night’s WrestleMania special as they were supposed to.

The WWE website has posted the latest edition of Ask the Divas.

Bryan Danielson commented on signing with WWE after his recent appearance with PWG, saying that he had to take the WWE deal, because of the medical bills he would be facing working the independent scene the rest of his life.