Breaking News: Kurt Angle Found Not Guilty

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ROBINSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Kurt Angle, Pittsburgh's Olympic gold medalist and professional wrestling champion, was found not guilty of harassment and other charges were dropped on Tuesday stemming from the alleged stalking of his ex-live-in girlfriend.

Angle, 40, was arrested last month, shortly after Trenesha Biggers, 26, got a protection from abuse order against him in Moon Township and had police officers remove him from his house.
Biggers did not comment as she left district court on Tuesday, but Angle and his lawyer answered media questions for about two minutes.

The arrest happened in Robinson Township, where police said Biggers claimed Angle was stalking and harassing her by driving around the parking lot while she was at Starbucks Coffee in Robinson Towne Center.

District Judge Carla Swearingen cleared Angle on the harassment charge related to the PFA order, and Angle is living at home again while Biggers has moved out.

Dismissed by the judge were charges of driving with a suspended license -- stemming from Angle's refusal of a breath test on an unrelated DUI charge that he beat at trial in 2007 -- and drug possession related to two vials of human growth hormone in Angle's car at the time of his arrest last month. Angle said he has a prescription for HGH and uses it for an ongoing condition related to previous neck injuries from wrestling.

Angle holds the heavyweight championship belt for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Biggers is also a wrestler and works infrequently for TNA under the name "Rhaka Khan."

In an exclusive interview days after his arrest, Angle told WTAE Channel 4's Michelle Wright that he was going to a hotel near the Starbucks after police made him leave his house and Biggers just happened to be there at the same time. Breaking into tears, he said spending nine hours in the Allegheny County Jail was the lowest point of his life.

Angle became emotional again on Tuesday as he spoke to reporters outside the courtroom, saying he opened his home to Biggers and his generosity was taken advantage of.

"I will continue to live my life by the law, as I always have," Angle said.

A separate hearing will be held next month in Moon on the PFA and a simple assault charge that was filed to obtain the protection order.

Angle has said that he never physically harmed Biggers and doesn't know why she filed for a PFA order against him.

The website has also posted photos of the two in court today.

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