Breaking News: TNA Releases Angelina Love

In a shocking move to say the least, TNA released former Knockouts champion Angelina Love late yesterday. According to, the Canadian-born Angelina Love let her work visa expire as it was not renewed as needed. She had been working on a work visa originally granted to her from when she was under a WWE developmental deal.

One company source says TNA's hands were tied on the issue, since it would be illegal for them to use her without the work visa. There was a lot of unhappiness within the company over the whole situation, and it seemed to be more a feeling of disappointment rather than heat on Angelina.

There's no word yet on how they will handle her departure in the storylines, but one can assume they would bring her back if she gets a new work visa.

What are your thoughts on Angelina's release? We have a thread going on our forums about this, you can go to the thread by clicking here.

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