— Jeff Hardy is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Power Slam.

— John Graziano, the Iraq War veteran who suffered severe brain damage two years ago after being involved in a car wreck with Nick Hogan, was released from the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa, Florida this morning. Debra Graziano said her son was leaving “the best hospital imaginable.” He will continue to need 24-hour care and will be assisted by nurses, friends and family, she said. “I just thank God this day did happen,” Debra said. “I have a strong faith in the Lord. He will get me through it.” For more, including pictures and video of Graziano leaving the hospital, visit TampaBay.com.

— The New York Yankees are auctioning off the replica WWE championship belt the team awards to each game’s “player of the game”. The belt was given to the Yankees by Jerry “The King” Lawler and has been signed by the entire Yankees team. Proceeds from the auction will benefit Camp Sundown, a year-round camp in upstate New York for children suffering from Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP), a rare genetic disease that causes the body to be unable to repair cells damaged by UV light. The auction begins Wednesday night and runs through the remainder of the regular season. Bids can be made online at yankees.auction.mlb.com. The bidding will start at $500. For more on this worthy cause, visit NJ.com.

— WWE did an angle during last night’s ECW taping where Abraham Washington was scripted to walk off his own segment. Apparently due to time constraints, the segment was cut out of the broadcast. The WWE website has posted the segment online. During the scripted segment, Washington began experiencing technical difficulties with his earpiece, not to mention his mic was cutting out every few seconds. A stagehand then came out to “fix” his mic, only to garner a slap in the face. A frustrated Washington walked off the set after more technical difficulties, leaving a chuckling Tony Atlas behind.