Jeff Hardy's MySpace/Twitter Pages Gone, Matt Hardy Rumor Killer

In the wake of Jeff Hardy's 9/11 arrest for drug trafficking, the former WWE superstar's MySpace and Twitter pages have been taken down.

It's also worth noting that the Twitter account of Beth Britt, Jeff Hardy's fiancÚ, is still active, all the content has been removed. It appears they have shut the accounts down due to the attention stemming from Hardy's arrest.

There were rumors over the weekend that Matt Hardy had been sent home by WWE management. After speaking with a source within WWE, we can confirm those rumors are false. Matt was backstage at Tuesday's SmackDown tapings from Hamilton, Ontario but was not used on television.

Danny Bonaduce announce don his radio show today that he is not booked for an upcoming Pro Wrestling Unplugged show. Some advertising has said he would be appearing, but Bonaduce stated that he will be on vacation on that date.

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