J.R Blogs On The Rock's SD! Promo, Bret Hart/WWE, Eddie Guerrero

Jim Ross has a new blog up at JrsBarBQ.com, here are the highlights:

On The Rock's Promo On Smackdown: The Rock's promo that will air on Friday Night Smackdown broadcast celebrating the decade of SD is amazing. "Vintage" Rock delivery and amazing content. This interview/promo will air at the top of the second hour and is can't miss TV. Rock freely talking about hosting Raw someday was hugely received by the fans in Boston. No date has been set that I am aware of but let the speculation begin.

On Bret Hart Returning To WWE: Same with Bret Hart as I can see Hitman returning for a guest shot but I am unclear if Bret would ever want to commit to a weekly gig with any entity. That would eliminate Hart from becoming a brand's G.M. but I could be pleasantly surprised.

On Eddie Guerrero: I have to admit that I shed a few tears while watching the Eddy Guerrero video that airs on SD Friday night. It brought back a flood of emotions about my personal relationship with the multi talented wrestler. I encourage you to DVR Friday's show for this and many other reasons.

On Bill Watts Missing The Legend's Round Table: Cowboy Bill Watts had to cancel Wednesday night's Legend's Roundtable taping due to travel issues. Joey Styles will be called out of the bullpen to host and I will move over to being member of the panel along with JJ Dillon, Jimmy Garvin, and Michael Hayes. We're still discussing wrestling managers and the culture of Southern Wrestling .

On Lesnar vs. Carwin: Shane Carwin is talking a great game hyping his upcoming fight with Brock Lesnar for UFC. I like Carwin's salesmanship but pissing off Lesnar isn't the brightest of ideas. Lesnar has that animalistic ability to focus on his prey and develop a "me against the world" mentality that helps Brock feel "pressured" and makes Brock more dangerous. I'm anxious to see this encounter. Notice, as usual, Lesnar isn't talking but you can bet your last bottle of BBQ Sauce that the former "Next Big Thing" in WWE is training like a madman. I do think that the Lesnar-Carwin fight will be nasty. Lesnar wins....I hope...much to the chagrin of "MMA Purists."

- You can check out the full blog at JrsBarBQ.com.

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