Major Backstage Angle/Jarrett/BG James Story, Sting/WWE, More

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

During one of her many media interviews last week, TNA President Dixie Carter stated that the company's new agreement with Spike TV gives them the freedom to speak with other TV networks. There were said to be hopes internally of securing additional TV time in the new deal with Spike TV. While they did secure a series of 10 one-hour highlight programs, the obvious goal was to obtain another hour or two of new weekly TV programming.

Apparently Jeff Jarrett and BG James had a falling out recently. According to sources, Kurt Angle told James to tell Jarrett that he was going to kick his ass next time he saw him. James relayed the message, but Jarrett claimed he was told Kurt threatened to kill him. When James was asked to clarify, he said Kurt merely threatened to beat up Jarrett, not kill him. Another Kurt Angle story making the rounds is that he recently got so fired up when talking about Jarrett that he slammed the TNA Title belt down and accidentally broke it in the process.

WWE staff members were told to take the Sting masks being handed out at SummerSlam and throw them in the trash. The back of the masks featured an advertisement for TNA's Bound For Glory event, and hyped it as Sting's final appearance in his home state of California.

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