As reported earlier this week, nude photographs of TNA women’s wrestler Traci Brooks are not appearing in Playboy as originally planned. Instead, her photos have been published on the company’s subscription based premium website, the “Cyber Club.”

In a further update on the story, the decision to remove Brooks from the publication was actually made some time back as there was a rumor going around a week or two after it was revealed that she had shot the nude pictorial that Playboy decided against putting her pictures in the magazine.

She shot the photos several months ago, and was at one point scheduled to grace the cover of the November issue. Playboy had requested that TNA push her hard during the period before the issue came out. TNA decided to finally bring her back to television after a several month long hiatus mere days after it was publicly revealed she would be appearing in the magazine.

As noted, Playboy decided against publishing her photos in the publication a week or two after word got out, which could lead some to speculate that perhaps TNA was a bit late in deciding to promote her again as it would appear the magazine became dissatisfied and/or disinterested by that point. There are others reasons that have been speculated but we’ll hold off on reporting more on that until we get further confirmation.