Credit: PWTorch Newsletter

To update on our previous report regarding Scott Steiner possibly leaving TNA if Jeff Jarrett doesn’t return: This news doesn’t seem to surprise many within both the TNA office and locker room alike. Steiner and Jarrett have always had a close friendship outside of work, and Jarrett was always known as the one guy in WCW who could calm Scott down when he started going off on people.

In January, several reports came out detailing Scott Steiner’s rough physical shape. One story going around was that he takes a full hour to warm up for a match, although other reports stated this was an over exaggeration. A fellow wrestler was quoted as saying: “He can’t bend over and tie his shoe because of his lower back pain. His stretching routine before matches is barbaric just so he has the mobility to get through a match because he’s wound so tight.”

Despite concern from friends that he’s too big, Steiner continues to prioritize muscle-mass over everything else. He’s made it clear that he has no interest in appearing on camera if he feels that he looks small or weak.