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Jeff Hardy’s arrest has not really been covered by anyone outside of the wrestling media except TMZ and FOX News.

Hardy’s arrest will make it much tougher for him to score a reality TV show, especially one on a major network, as he was hoping for when he left WWE. This will also make it much harder for him to ever get a job with WWE again.

The Jeff Hardy story has absolutely spiked our website traffic. Usually the weekends are slow and traffic is always down on Friday and especially Saturday. That is not the case this weekend. Thanks for your continued support!! Have a great rest of the weekend.

As noted last night, the plan as of now is to have Ziggler vs. Morrison at the Hell in the Cell PPV in three weeks, though that could change. The original plan was to have the Undertaker beat CM Punk at the PPV tonight, but sentiment backstage now is that the timing is wrong for that, so the match may end up with a screwjob finish, setting up a Hell in the Cell match between the two in three weeks.

Most expect John Cena to win the WWE Title tonight. We shall see.