Report: 'Mr. Kennedy' Blaming Randy Orton Privately

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Ken Anderson (former WWE star Mr. Kennedy) has continued to privately blame Randy Orton for his release from WWE. Anderson had actually hinted this in some recent interviews, but has never fully come out and said it.

It should be noted that both Anderson and Orton were thought of by many wrestlers as being good friends and he was said to be very unhappy about the whole situation since his wife and Orton's wife were good friends as well. Many people close to the situation didn't believe Orton had anything to do with Anderson's firing, although the timeline of events seem to match up. This includes Kennedy dropping Orton on his bad shoulder during his first match back on Raw and Orton giving Anderson a big talk backstage afterwards that everyone was aware of. Then, a few days later, Anderson was released by the company.

This is of course the timeline that Anderson has been spelling out and discussing in interviews and why he feels this to be the case. Anderson did make it clear that Triple H often criticized his promos for being "too comedic for a main event" (which many find interesting considering Triple H's involvement with DX). One thing that is clear is that he had some major heat on him within WWE over the public interviews about steroids (which he later tested positive for) and the general feeling is that the situation with Orton was the last straw of sorts. Plus, keep in mind when all of this went down during the "Denver Dabacle" week in what many described as a time where a lot of decisions made weren't that rational.

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