Sylvain Grenier-WWE Update, Flair, The Big Show/WWE Films

Former WWE performer Sylvain Grenier brought Tomassino, who was recently signed by WWE, to the PPV and TV tapings. Tomassino also appeared as a member of Teddy Long's security team on Smackdown.

Mike Mooneyham has a column up, discussing why Ric Flair deserves a chance to return to the ring. You can check that out at

The Big Show will star in the next film for WWE Films. The movie will be a straight to DVD project called Suckerpunch, and is expected to begin filming next month in New Orleans. That is also where John Cena filmed 12 Rounds. The film will have a wrestling theme, as Show will play a giant man named Walter Kronk, who has lived his entire life in an orphanage. In the film, fight promoter Memphis Earl is trying to find his way out of being in debt to crooked partner, and talks Kronk into wrestling. Dennis Farina (Law And Order) will play Memphis Earl. The film is expected to have a budget of between $5-$6 million.

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