Falls Count Anywhere
D’Angelo Dinero vs. Suicide

Suicide and Dinero brawl out in the back and Dinero throws Suicide into a wall before climbing some boxes backstage and hitting a big elbow drop.

Suicide fights back and locks in a small package but Dinero is able to kick out at two. This really isn’t anything more that just a fight. Dinero sits Suicide down in a chair and he beats on him. Dinero charges Suicide but he gets backdropped into a trash dumpster where Suicide gets a near fall. Dinero gets into a golf cart and he tries to run over Suicide, but Suicide dodges is and pulls Pope out, continuing the brawl all around the backstage area.

The two men finally make their way into the Impact Zone where Dinero is able to get the jump on Suicide. Dinero lays Suicide’s head on the ring bell and hits it with the hammer. Things finally move into the ring where Suicide hits a springboard missile dropkick that scores him a near fall. Pope rolls to the outside where he’s caught with a springboard crossbody.

Suicide goes for a table, but Dinero is able to stop him with a dropkick through the ropes. Dinero sets up the table next to the ramp and he hits a big suplex on the ramp. Dinero tries for a cover, but Suicide kicks out at two. Dinero tries to suplex Suicide off the ramp onto the table, but Suicide fights out and takes Dinero down with a clothesline. Suicide tries for his finisher, but Dinero fights out. Dinero almost knocks Suicide off the ramp, but instead he catches Dinero with a big dropkick.

Suicide goes backstage and brings out another table which he sets up on the entrance ramp. Suicide hits a Finlay roll on the entrance ramp after going for it once and failing. Suicide puts Dinero on the table and Suicide looks to the top of the entrance tube that the wrestlers come out of. Suicide goes to the top of the entrance tube and he comes off with a big leg drop but Dinero moves out of the way. Dinero covers Suicide and the ref counts to three.

Winner: D’Angelo Dinero